What we do

  • Alternative travel experiences to Scotland and India
  • Indian and Scottish cultural events around the globe
  • Vizfest: A multicultural annual gathering in the Highlands of Scotland
  • Coordinate training and practical sessions on: Ayurveda , Kalaripayatu & Kathakali
  • We support leaderless movements who are uniting against the corporate exploitation of the human race.
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We envisage a world in which individuals co-exist and thrive in happiness, peace and purpose. For this state of existence to be realised, a fundamental shift within society, at both the individual and collective level, is essential.   Such a shift is multifarious and radical in nature.

So is our mission: To adopt and develop a way of life that is conducive not only to one’s personal growth and happiness, but which also acts as the catalyst that moves one to act for the benefit and enlightenment of others.




Smskrti is for people from all walks of life, with a passion for knowing one’s self and the world around them. Smskrti is not a charity, but it does aim to be a More than Profit organisation.